Chatbots for Business

Our chatbots can imitate human speech, maintain a conversation with people and act as an interactive interface with their informational systems delivered through text or voice channels. Years of chatbots performance have proven their efficiency in the following:

  • Cost minimization
  • Decreasing contact center workload
  • Increasing sales
  • Customer loyalty improvement
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Multichannel Integration

Simple chatbot integration with any website, app, in-house service, popular social networks and messengers.

What are the benefits of using a chatbot?

A chatbot can segment the incoming inquiries and use a specialized knowledge database to respond to single-type repeating questions. It can help the user get access to the required information instantaneously thus avoiding the necessity for a full-cycle phone call to the contact center.

A chatbot can automate client support and the user only has to engage a human consultant when the chatbot is unable to handle an inquiry by itself. Feel free to compare the cost of a chatbot inquiry processing to that of a company expert’s and you will be pleasantly surprised! Employing a chatbot will significantly decrease the cost of client support.

A chatbot has the potential of becoming essential to online stores. It is capable of picking out items in a dialog mode, sharing the information on specific selling points and prompting the client to the shopping cart or connect them to an operator. A trained chatbot encourages the clients to making informed decisions, follows them to the necessary webpages and shares special offers and important news.

A chatbot can effectively use collected data from the user’s profile and the contact history during its interactions. Such personalized communication increases the interaction’s efficiency and strengthens emotional loyalty. Add the 24/7 availability, intelligent and polite speaking manner, representing the corporate values, and there you have a perfect employee!


Our own unique platform with a wide spectrum of functionality:
Личный кабинет Наносемантика

Personal User Account

  • Customizable metrics dashboard

  • Detailed reports on dialogs, users and additional options

  • Tools for the management of notifications and announcements

  • Filtering the history of all dialogues

  • And many other customizable options

Chatbot Development Environment

  • A comprehensible interface for employees of any profile

  • Manual design and monitoring of dialogs

  • Testing chatbots at the stage of development

  • Premade sets of themes, dictionaries and scripts

  • Seamless integration with online chats, instant messengers and the company’s systems

Multiple languages

The technology is not relying on a certain language thus creating a possibility to create a chatbot virtually in any language

Personal data protection

We offer ready-made solutions for user personal data protection

Solution deployment flexibility

Available cloud storing right in the ‘Nanosemantics’ and on the customer’s servers (SaaS or On-premises)

Multichannel integration

Simple chatbot integration into popular messengers, social networks, and online chats, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Skype for business, Kick, etc.

Voice Recognition

Our solution supports ASR/TTS technologies by Yandex, Speech Technology Center, Google

Simplicity of integration

Our chatbox are easy to integrate with CRM, ERP, web API, or any customer in-house systems

Dialog editor

The system allows to create complex dialog scenarios employing the natural language and not requiring any programming skills

Connecting to the operator

It is possible to include the online chat operator into the dialog while keeping the chat history

Available integrations

Highlight projects

Chatbot named Maria provides client support via the bank’s website

Chatbot Mia answers questions about MTS tariffs and special actions on MTS corporate site and in the main messengers (VK, Viber, Telegram, FB)

Chatbot Zlata answers questions about the bank services and products

Our numbers speak for themselves

years at the market
90 +
projects successfully implemented
40 %
workload decrease
4 X
visit depth
2 X
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