A Tireless Virtual Assistant Helps With Recruiting

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Nanosemantics Lab’s new chatbot has appeared on hh.ru, one of the largest online recruitment websites.

The well-known recruiting company HeadHunter has hired a virtual assistant. Unlike his colleagues, this employee works tirelessly 24/7; when asked if he ever sleeps, he claims he has chronic insomnia.

His name is Haddy, and he was created by Nanosemantics Lab. He can be found on hh.ru in the ‘Help’ section and is visible to users of the Moscow Region in the personal account created for them after registering on the website.

The chatbot is friendly, open to communication and confident.

“I can give you all the information you need to find a job, show you around the website and give you useful advice,” he promises. “With me, you will quickly learn about all the features of hh.ru.”

And these are not empty words.

The chatbot eagerly tells visitors about the services and options available to job applicants, gives helpful tips on creating a foolproof CV and answers the most common questions about vacancies posted on the website. In addition, Haddy helps users quickly navigate through the website site and find the necessary information.


If a website visitor seems to be at a loss, Haddy starts a conversation himself, speaking about topics that are usually most interesting to applicants. For example, how to save specific job search filters or when a CV is considered incomplete.

Haddy became the first of Nanosemantics’ chatbots to have a built-in response evaluation function. After chatting with him on a topic that is relevant to the site—writing a resume, changing a password, paying for hh.ru services, etc.—any visitor can evaluate whether the answer was useful to them. If they were dissatisfied, they can clarify why. For the creators of the chatbot this is not only a way to prove to the effectiveness of the chatbot to the client—it also allows the developers themselves to understand how well Haddy copes with his duties, and, if necessary, to do a bit more fine-tuning.

Visitors can also talk with Haddy about topics not related to job-searching. Haddy will gladly tell users more about himself and can maintain a conversation about the weather, various hobbies and even tell a joke about robots and AI.

HeadHunter is the most popular Russian recruiting website. In the Moscow Region alone, it counts up to 3 million monthly visitors, and most of the questions that human online consultants deal with are typical and repetitive. Usually, users struggle to find information on the website. The help of a tireless virtual assistant in this situation is most welcome. HeadHunter expects that, with Haddy among their ranks, the workload on their contact center will significantly decrease.

About HeadHunter:

HeadHunter is a leading Russian company in the field of Internet recruitment, operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It was founded in 2000. The largest asset of the company is their recruitment website, hh.ru, which currently has over 600 000 vacancies and 41 million resumes. It is estimated that every week, thousand people are invited for job interviews through hh.ru.