The Right Chatbot Solution For Your Business

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More and more online entrepreneurs and large business owners are implementing chatbots in their websites and messengers. All the more so, since nowadays it does not require hiring programmers. There are plenty of SaaS platforms available that allow for coding-free chatbot creation.

Statistics show that users are more open to chatbot communication if they understand how it can help them from the get-go. For this reason, chatbot integration should begin with an understanding of how exactly its functionality could be useful for your business.

To make the choice easier, we have written a short review of the most widespread chatbot functions.

Retail Assistant Chatbot

Shortens customer time to purchase, improves conversion.

The less time a person needs to find an item they desire, the more likely they are to order it from you. Bots streamline a user’s access to goods, services or specialists. Most of the time, a bot asks series of multiple choice questions.  Answering them provides a customer with a link to the desired item, category or a webpage. Some of the messengers even allow in-chat purchase, eliminating the need to open a browser.

Possible use:
  • Suggesting categories. In this case, you are using your catalog categories as choices in human-bot conversation.
  • A selection of several most popular goods. Sometimes users are thankful if you make their choice as easy as possible. This can be a seasonal bot for gift selection, pizza ordering, buying discounted goods or for picking a service plan.
  • Item selection by parameters. The bot asks several questions and then offers a desired item to the customer.
Marketing Chatbot

Promotes goods.

Even if you don’t want to entrust bots with sales, they can still be an efficient marketing tool. What’s the best way to inform an online customer about a one-day discount, or a new arrival? Or to highlight special offers in the age when people don’t pay attention to banners and don’t read newsletters? How to build a promotional campaign to make sure users would only see the promotions that would interest them the most? A chatbot can do all of it.

Possible uses:

  • Inclusion of idle website users
  • Carrying out flash-sales via messengers
  • Polls
Lead Generator Chatbot

Does not let the users go without leaving a contact.

Do you spend a considerable amount of money to increase traffic, but only 3% of your visitors convert to buyers? The rest of the leads are simply lost. Chatbot may get you the contacts of the people who already came to you but have not yet made up their mind about making a purchase. It can go to any lengths to get those contacts – charm, gifts, pleads – anything short of direct threats. And you will get those contacts you can use for e-mail marketing or phone calls.

Possible uses:

  • Chatbot can offer a promocode or some other “perk” and promise to send it to an e-mail provided by the user.
  • Chatbot may ask for a user’s e-mail if it didn’t understand the question and promise to contact them with the human specialist, or to send discounts and special offers.
Consultant chatbot

Decreases a load on your contact center.

There is an FAQ on your website. All delivery, return and exchange terms are clearly spelled out.  Still, users keep bombarding the support service with calls and letters full of questions that can be answered by copying text from the website.

Modern chatbots handle these cases with ease.  The only thing required is to analyze user request statistics and determine, which of them are the most frequent.

Bots understand natural language and are able to recognize a request, even if it is weirdly phrased. Moreover, you can set keywords to improve the bot’s understanding.

Chatbots are still a far cry from humans and are not able to engage in an open-ended conversation. However, most of the business targets have no need for that. When creating a chatbot, it is crucial to clearly set its functions and structure its responses in such a way that the user would not be able to leave their framework. In addition, if your bot has its own communication style or is taught to tell funny stories, it will become an asset for having people spend more time on your website, thus increasing page depth.