Making Chatbots for WhatsApp

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From now on, WhatsApp, one of the most popular international messengers with over 1.5 billion monthly users, most of whom use the platform daily on their phone, is available for Nanosemantics Lab’s chatbots.

The connection to WhatsApp was given to Nanosemantics Lab by Infobip, the official provider of WhatsApp Business. A partnership with Infobip will simplify the creation of an official WhatsApp Business account for contact centers and companies which already use our solutions. This also gives an advantage in securing new projects.

Andrei Zolotarev, Commercial Director of Nanosemantics Lab, said the following,

“About 30-40% of our customers wish to expand chatbot communication channels for their clients, especially when it comes to WhatsApp. Thanks to our partnership with Infobip, we will soon be launching the first bots for some of our current customers.”

In order to start communicating with clients through WhatsApp, the company needs to access the WhatsApp Business API and acquire a verified business account by specifying the title of the brand and sending the account for moderation. The registration of the business account takes three weeks to a month. After its confirmation, the account is marked as Verified, and a green check mark appears next to the phone number which users see instead of a name.

WhatsApp chatbots solve practically the same problems as chatbots in other messengers (Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) and can share links to the company’s products, emojis, audio files, images, geolocation. Users can either use premade answer buttons or chat to the bot in natural language. Unlike other messengers, though, chatbots in WhatsApp doesn’t support stickers and user links (the links in the chatbot’s answer, which, when clicked, send a phrase with the link text as if the user wrote and sent it).

“Now there’s no need for ‘gray’ channels to deliver messages to WhatsApp users,” said Ruslana Reznikova, managing Director of Infobip in the Eurasian region. “The messenger’s official business solution provides companies with access to the full functionality of the service, including personalized communication with customers and chatbot support, which significantly reduces man-hours, speeds up request processing and optimizes the work of contact centers and other departments – all this significantly increases business efficiency.”