Our projects

Beeline Kyrgyzstan

Chatbot named Aydana responds to questions on the website and on Facebook, Telegram, Skype, and Viber

MTS Belarus

Chatbot Mia answers questions about MTS tariffs and special actions on MTS corporate site and in the main messengers (VK, Viber, Telegram, FB)

Beeline Uzbekistan

Chatbot named Malika is offering her assistance on the website

Commercial bank

Chatbot named Maria provides client support via the bank’s website

Beeline Georgia

Chatbot named Anna offers her expertise in both Russian and Georgian via the website


Chatbot Decabot helps choose products, consults about Decathlon delivery and other services.


Chatbot named Haddy can be located on a few HH.ru websites in Help Desk tab with one image combining five different knowledge databases

Public joint-stock company
'Sankt-Peterburg Bank'

Chatbot named Petr advises clients on the bank's website


Chatbot Zlata answers questions about the bank services and products

Higher School of Economics

Chatbot Yura Vyshkin consults about the services of HSE Juridical Department



Pilot chatbot HR for the Facebook messenger and the intranet website


Chatbot named Maria provides client support on the website


Chatbot named Ant provides tech support on the website


Chatbot named Kardi advises on the website

Public joint-stock
company 'Gazpromneft'

This is a chatbot that advises on purchasing

Tricolor TV

Robot chatbot is offering his expertise on the website


Rostelecom Agent

HR bot Stephan operates on VKontakte social network. It conducts preliminary selection for "Corporate clients manager" position open in Saratov/Engels, North-West region and Sakhalin cities


Happy Santa

Victoria store New Year Sale chatbot. This bot suggests writing a letter to Santa and leaving an e-mail address to receive a personal discount. This bot is available on the store's website and stationary tablets around New Year’s


Promo chatbot Ford

Chatbot for the advertising campaign of the new Ford Kuga car. Chatbot himself told the potential buyer about his characteristics and advantages, navigated on promo-page, recorded on a test drive.

Durov VS Zharov

Cyber Durov and Zharov are the Nanosemantics featured project

IQ_paper_demo_site (1)

Promo-bot for IQ

The project was developed together with a digital agency for Mondi company, the global leader in packaging and paper. For this project, we have developed 6 personalities, each with their own unique knowledge base, to represent 6 different paper brands. The bot transfers the user to its correspondent page containing the paper description