Strategic Partnership Between SOVA and LinTo

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Moscow, December 12, 2019 — Nanosemantics Lab signed a strategic partnership agreement with the French LINAGORA with the purpose of development of virtual voice assistance technology in both countries. The parties signed the agreement at a meeting of the Russia – France Council in Moscow.

Stanislav Ashmanov and Alexander Zapolsky

Stanislav Ashmanov (left) and Alexander Zapolsky (right).

Their cooperation is intended for joint advancement of innovative voice technologies based on the companies’ current developments. Nanosemantics Lab CEO Stanislav Ashmanov:  ‘We met LINAGORA in October in Dubai at GITEX international information technology exhibition, where our company contributed to the Russian team’s joint display. We introduced our products, including the SOVA project. This trip gave us an excellent opportunity to study the market and find potential partners for future scaling up to international markets. We got very interested in the LinTO project. LINAGORA’s work is very similar to ours: both of us develop voice technologies. Up to this point each of us has been doing it on our ‘own’ territory, but we see great potential in joining forces. This decision was made at our next meeting in Moscow at ‘Open innovations’.

In 2018 Nanosemantics Lab launched its SOVA project to develop an open-source voice operating system, which in late August 2019 received financial support from AO RVC and the National Technological Initiative Project Office. The SOVA project implies creation of an open platform to enable users to develop smart voice assistants and install them onto various devices. According to Stanislav Ashmanov, Nanosemantics Lab and LINAGORA are planning to jointly advance innovative voice technologies, which will be based on the companies’ current developments. ‘The end goal of our cooperation is to create high-quality solutions for businesses and government agencies. Besides, we will work on joint R&D, which will include joint articles and participation in international industry conferences’. 

The French LINAGORA is also working on a proprietary open-source personal smart assistant named LinTO. The project has received support from both investors and the state. ‘We are looking to join our developments to create a high-quality and user-friendly open-source product accessible to a wide audience and promote conversational artificial intelligence technologies,’ Diana Potokina, LINAGORA’s Development Director, commented.



LINAGORA is a French IT company, which develops open-source software. Its software products include: OpenPaaS business communication platform, a service for secure storage and sharing of files called LinShare and LinTO business assistant. Some of its clients are: the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the French Ministry of the Interior, the French Ministry of Culture, SNCF — one of the largest French transport companies, such banks as Société Générale and La Banque Postale, the Government of Montreal (Canada), Vietnamese government agencies, etc.