WebMoney’s Hardworking Ant Bot

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Nanosemantics has developed a virtual consultant for the WebMoney payment system. With the help of a persevering and responsive virtual assistant, it will be simpler for users to find the information they need and get comprehensive answers on issues related to working with the system.
The chatbot named Ant is a hardworking ant both in essence and in appearance. This is no accident. Ants are the most hardworking insects working for the benefit their anthills—and in this case, for the WebMoney platform.

During this particular chatbot’s development, a special system for diagnosing user problems was implemented. It allows Ant to identify the core of the problem with the help of several clarifying questions. Ant is designed as a tool for interactive online user support and serves to reduce the load on the WebMoney support service. In addition, Ant helps search for information on the WebMoney encyclopedia.

The knowledge base of the bot contains over 22 thousand templates (dialog descriptions), on the basis of which the chatbot formulates its response to the user. On the first day of work WebMoney’s website, more than 400 users turned to Ant for help. The number of dialogs amounted to a staggering 5 000.

Nanosemantics has extensive experience in organizing technical support systems, and we were able to implement all that accumulated experience into this project for WebMoney,” said Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Nanosemantics’ Commercial Director. “The work on the chatbot’s development lasted for 3 months, and we are certain that Ant will help a large number of users in resolving their issues.”

Moreover, with each day, Ant becomes smarter. All its dialogues with users are analyzed and additional training is continuously conducted from the resulting data.
The number of services and possibilities of our system is increasing every day,” said Ksenia Velikina, PR-director of WebMoney Transfer. “To make it easier for WebMoney users to find the information they need, we decided to develop the chatbot Ant. Dtatistics show that using a virtual assistant reduces users’ search time by almost half.

About the Company:
The international payment system WebMoney Transfer was created in 1998. Since its conception, the system is available to its members all over the glove. WebMoney is accessible 24 hours a day all year long. All operations in the system are instantaneous.

Today, the number of registrations in the system exceeds 15 million. According to 2010 statistics, approximately 12,000 new users join the system daily. Each month, more than 20 million operations are carried out via the system.